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TradingGPT is a quantitative trading fund managed by TGPT Ltd. The fund operates based on T-Signal's exclusive signal analysis technology with 2 versions: SMART MONEY CONCEPT (for traders) and ICT & PRICE ACTION CONCEPT (for experts and trading funds). In addition, the fund also has automatic trading AI such as MEV Bot, Arbitrage Bot, Market Making Bot. Since 2021, we have been providing signals to many leading trading funds in the Forex, Crypto and Stock markets.

In 2023, TGPT Ltd. decided to expand and commercialize the exclusive T-Signal technology. Therefore, we have launched signal packages of $50/month and $360/year for the global trader community to easily access and use.

Coming to TradingGPT, you can earn many sources of profit from many of our products, such as:

  • Use T-Signal to trade and increase your wealth.

  • Participate in liquidity mining.

  • Become a lender and get 36.5% APR.

  • And there are many other programs for you to increase your income.

Now, let's learn about each product in detail and its benefits for you.

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